Dr Paulinyi, violinista, teacher and composer.

Zoltan Paulinyi

Professor - Violin - Viola - Gregorian

— For 22 years teaching music —

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Paulinyi teaches music in Brasília (North wing) for gifted and talented children, young and adults (starting at 2 years old). Phone: +55.61.986.534.811 <Paulinyi@yahoo.com>

Dr Zoltan Paulinyi <Paulinyi@yahoo.com> is a Brazilian violinist, violist, teacher and composer, recognized by the press as a player possessing "complete mastery of the violin" and "an extraordinary capacity to endeavor complex works" (Jornal Hoje em Dia, 10/28/2010). Ruggiero Ricci referred to him as an "exceptionally talented violinist" (2000).


Paulinyi is violinist, violist, composer, teacher with a doctor degree in composition at the University of Évora (2013) after winning its "Bento de Jesus Caraça" Program 2011-2013 in music; a master degree in Music at the University of Brasília (2010). His doctoral research was fully sponsored by the Claudio Santoro State National Theatre Symphonic Orchestra in Brasília, where he is violinist since 2000, principal of violas in 2009, principal of first violins in 2007, 2010, 2016. Paulinyi created the International Composition Competitions Quinteto Amizade 2006, Lignea 2010.

As a composer, Paulinyi was the first Brazilian to premiere abroad and broadcast a Brazilian opera "Library-Biblioteca" in Évora, Portugal (2011), 120 years after Carlos Gomes. His second opera "Price of Forgiveness" (2012) was premiered in Évora (2012). Major commissions and artistic projects include concerts for the Brazilian Embassies in Budapest, Madrid and Paris (2008) and London (2009), EMB Orchestra (2008) and Mato Grosso Opera (2007).

As a conductor, Paulinyi founded and directs the Schola Cantorum Brasília since 2013, member of the Federation Pueri Cantores. He premiered his own opera "Price of Forgiveness" in Portugal (2012) with Ensemble Galilei, and conducted Grupo de Música Contemporânea (Universidade de Évora, 2012) premiering international composers.

Paulinyi, Brazilian from Belo Horizonte, started his carrier aged 8 playing at the Opera House in Ouro Preto with the class of the violinist Ricardo Giannetti (Flesch-Odnoposoff's school). Paulinyi took masterclasses with violinists Ruggiero Ricci and Micaela Comberti in Dartington (UK), Leopold La Fosse and Sidney Hart in Brazil, and composers Harry Crowl, Oscar Edelstein, Christopher Bochmann, who supervised his research project in composition. Paulinyi was given the Pro-Music Trophy as "Outstanding musician" in 1998 by the press critics of Minas Gerais State; he also won the National Competition for Young Soloists in Goiânia (UFG, 2002). Paulinyi's compositions were selected twice for the Funarte Music Biennial in Rio de Janeiro (2005, 2009). Remarkable premieres: Harry Crowl's Antíteses and Paisagem Sonora 2.

Aside from his international publications since 2001 including musicological articles and book about solo violin, he coproduced 3 CDs with his works, including the first documentary broadcasted by television (TV Senado, 2008/9). His compositions are available through the Swiss editor MusicaNeo.

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