SPES 2009


Violin + Viola pomposa

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Duo SPES by Rafaela Zakarewicz 2009.

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Duo SPES 2009-violino e fagote
Duo SPES by Rafaela Zakarewicz 2009.


SPES means "hope" in Latin, the second theological virtue. Duo SPES is considered "excellent" by Dr K.Houston, president of the Society for the Musicology in Ireland, 2012.

Duo SPES started in 2006 with bassoonist Iracema Simon and violinist/composer Zoltan Paulinyi, who also plays on rare viola pomposa with a proper set up for the current repertoire.

Duo SPES shows Brazilian new concert music within its international context. Its repertoire highlights pieces of Villa-Lobos, Paulinyi, Lorenzo Fernandez, Pixinguinha, relating them to J.S.Bach, Mozart, Bochmann. The ensemble directs the SPES Exchange Program between Brasília and Europe/Asia, for which it accepts submissions of reciprocal projects.

Duo SPES made its début in Europe in January of 2008, premiering Paulinyi's piano-trio in Spain (Madrid and Béjar), France (Maison du Brésil and Villa-Lobos hall in Paris), in Budapest (Hungary) and London (UK) with invited pianist Marco Aurelio Brescia. SPES recorded "CD Images" released in August 2008, finishing the year with a documentary broadcasted by TV Senado. The recording was released in Portugal at the New University of Lisbon in February 2010, a concert sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry for Culture and presentation by Dr. Mário Vieira de Carvalho, Portugal State Secretary for Culture 2005-2008.

In 2009, SPES took part in Mozart Festival in Poznán and Dobrzyca  (Poland), and played in London with invited pianist Álvaro Siviero with full sponsorship by Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations. In 2011, Duo SPES expanded its concerts through Europe, starting in Portugal with a concert for the Epiphany at Holy Spirit Church in Évora, at the Music School of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Spain), 3 concerts in Porto (Teatro Rivolli) and one in Lisbon (Centro Cultural Malaposta/Odivelas).


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Confecções São Paulo (Brasília 2006-), Avenida Palace Hotel de Lisboa (2011), Hotel Corinthia de Lisboa (2011), Secretaria da Cultura do Governo do Distrito Federal - Orquestra Sinfônica do Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro (2010-), Ministério da Cultura do Brasil & Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2010), Ministério das Relações Exteriores (2008, 2009), Quarteto BlauKamara (2009-2010), Nyári Duo (2009).