Dr Paulinyi, violinista, teacher and composer.

Zoltan Paulinyi

Professor - Violin - Viola - Gregorian

— For 22 years teaching music —

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Music lessons in Brasília and online

Music lessons for all ages starting at 2. Gifted and talented children may apply for scholarship. We teach you according to the highest international standards of art in music.
Prof Dr Paulinyi: (+55.61)986.534.811 <Paulinyi@yahoo.com>

Lessons follow the standard of the Franco-Belgian school. Professors Paulinyi and Iracema have international experience in Europe and Asia. Our students become fully prepared to win international competitions and selections.
Contact me in case you want lessons by skype or gtalk.

You can be a sponsor for talented students: contact me and win a gift.

Learn Violin, Viola, Composition

Violino GuarneriFor all ages, Dr Paulinyi teaches in English, French (français), Hungarian (magyar), Portuguese (português).

Contact me to find the best instrument size for your children.
Prof. Paulinyi: +55(61) 986.534.811 Paulinyi@yahoo.com

Check scholarships availability for gifted and talented children between 7 and 12.

  • For small children: classes for children between 2-6 years old on Saturdays.
  • For children: individual lessons since 6 years.
  • For youth and adults: individual lessons for all ages on weekdays.

Paulinyi's students learn to read and write music by Doflein's method!

Relax: I do NOT use Suzuki's one.

Prof. Paulinyi: +55(61) 986.534.811 Paulinyi@yahoo.com

SCB Choir and Orchestra in Brasília

International ensemble for children and youth. Instrument players of all ages may play with us.

Prof. Paulinyi: +55(61) 986.534.811 Paulinyi@yahoo.comCoral do Mosteiro de São Bento 2015

CruxPaterBenedictGregorian Chant

The Brasília Gregorian Choir welcomes adults and youth: enroll now.

Prof. Paulinyi: +55(61) 986.534.811 Paulinyi@yahoo.com

Iracema com fagote

Recorder, piano and basson

Music lessons with Prof. Iracema Simon: +55(61) 986.534.812.



3 flautas docesAdvancing courses:

  • For children: composition and musical leadership.
  • For adults: reading and writing music, music history, analysis.
  • For violin teachers: how to teach with the Doflein's method.

Contacts in Brasília:

Prof. Paulinyi: +55(61)986.534.811 E-mail: Paulinyi@yahoo.com .

Please, check with Dr Paulinyi about other places and available time for lessons.


On-line courses

Be a sponsor and win a gift. Write to Paulinyi@yahoo.com

Escutatória Musical

On-line course for understanding musical language. Only in Portuguese this time. See at YOUTUBE.

Resposta Musical

Free youtube channel: Musical Answer. Only in Portuguese. Take part, ask, write comments: subscribe to Entenda Música Erudita.com and learn how to understand the music language.


Zoltan Paulinyi, Dr Mus Univ Évora, violinist at the National Theatre Symphonic Orchestra since 2000, principal of violins section in 2007, 2010, 2016, principal of viola section in 2009.

Founder and artistic director of the Schola Cantorum Brasília, approved for the Federation in 2014. Children aged between 7 and 12 can join and sing in foreign languages. No age limit for boys.

Director of the Brasília Gregorian Choir.

Awarded by the Bento de Jesus Caraça Program 2011/2013. Winner of the Goiânia Young Soloists Competition 2002. "Outstanding musician" Trophy Pró-Músic by the Press Critics of the Minas Gerais State 1998.

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