Zoltan Paulinyi

Violinist - Composer - Professor

Zoltan Paulinyi 2009


Virtual Library of Music Scores



Violin lessons
in Brasília

Music course with Gregorian Chant

Commercial recordings:

All chamber groups:
Violin/pomposa and bassoon

Quarteto Lignea
violin, viola pomposa, clarinet, bassoon

Duo Magyar
2 violins

CD Vibrações Variantes
International chamber music

CD Images
The first Brazilian recording of viola pomposa

Trio Sonare
baroque music

Amizade Quintet
works by Webern, Glazunov and Bosmans

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Portal Concertino

Waltmans Music Services

The Virtual Library of Music Scores is one of the first created and maintained in Brazil since 1996. Volunteers welcome to cantact me to:


Choir of the Benedictine Monastery in Brasília

Children's choir accepts candidates for 2013, especially boys aged between 7 & 11.

Sponsors needed for paying the teachers.


Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe

"Lui et Moi"

Volunteers needed to add and translate the extraordinary dialogues between Jesus and actress Gabrielle Bossis: Lui et Moi at wikia.


Jacob Horil

Dall Aglio



About the viola pomposa

Viola pomposa douradaZoltan Paulinyi also plays on a rare copy of Guadagnini's "La Parmigiana" viola pomposa, in its original set up with 5 strings. Standing between the orchestra viola and the violin, it has a fifth added high E string. This instrument, the only one known in South America, was made by the luthier Carlos Margins del Picchia (12/2006). He plays with a H. Pfretzschner bow.


Musical Societies and Research

MSB Choir (children's section)

Royal Music Association RMA

Society for Musicology in Ireland SMI (Aontas Ceoleolaíochta na Héireann)

Associação Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-graduação em Música - ANPPOM


Past events

III International Meeting for Chamber Music.

Programme in English.

International Call for Composers 2012

Full details in English. Also in Portuguese.