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Quarteto Lignea 2009

Brazilian Quadrivium LIGNEA

Viola pomposa, violin, clarinet and bassoon


LIGNEA Quartet is formed by viola pomposa, violin, clarinet and bassoon.

After many years making art together especialy since Christmas 2007, the group assumes the name LIGNEA Quartet in 2009. The ensemble aims to bring selected music for the humanity thirsty of beauty. The strong wish for divulguing the best of Brazilian new instrumental music encourages the quartet to develop exchange projects along with international institutions.

Firstly, the ensemble promotes a Brazilian National Composition Competition 2010. The winner works will be recorded and played in Europe in 2010 sponsored by Brazilian Ministry of External Relations. European entities are called to help and propose new ideas.

Program for December 2010: comissioned works by Harry Crowl, Zoltan Paulinyi and National Composition Competition winner works.

Contacts by Quadrivium.Lignea@gmail.com

Postal address:

Zoltan Paulinyi
Caixa Postal 9540
Brasília - DF
CEP 70.040-976


Viola pomposaVIOLA POMPOSA

Five-stringed viola with an added E string.



Viola pomposa and violin:
Zoltan Paulinyi


Zoltan Paulinyi


Zoltan Paulinyi is violinist of the National Theatre Symphonic Orchestra in Brasília since 2000, viola principal in 2009; artistic director of SPES Musica Exchange Program since 2008. He is from Belo Horizonte (1977), with his violin début at the Ouro Preto Opera House aged 8 with Prof. Ricardo Giannetti's violin class. He attended dozens of festivals and masterclasses in Brazil and Europe, where he studied with R. Ricci, L. La Fosse, M. Comberti and composition with Oiliam Lanna (UFMG), Oscar Edelstein (Argentina) and Harry Crowl (UFPR). In 1998, he received the "Outstanding prize of Press Critics" (MG). Winner of Goiânia National Competition for Young Musicians in 2002. Married to Iracema in 2006 with whom develops a pedagogical work for teaching music to children. His compositions and recordings are available through internet.

Violin: school of Sanctus Seraphin, ca. 1750 and Domenico Bussan (ca. 1750), both restored by C. del Picchia.
Arco: Carlos Martins Del Picchia, 1996.

Karla Oliveto


Karla Oliveto


Karla Oliveto holds a master degree from University of Brasília (UnB, 2007), supervised by Prof. Dr. Ricardo Freire. From the same institution, she holds bachelor degree in violin (1997) where she studied with Prof. Ludmila Vinecka, a Full Licenciateship in Music (2000), and a postgraduate degree in Chamber Music (2002) as well. Started her violin studies in 1983 at the Brasília Music School (EMB) where she received a Technical Certificate under Prof. Marena Salles. She attended several courses in Brasil and in Portugal (1993). Soloist under Maestro Emílio de César and Elena Herrera. She was member of Matanzas Symphonic Orchestra (Cuba, 1996) as guest violinist. Produced and recorded the following cds, as founder of chamber groups: Rabeca Moderna (2002, Duo Magyar) for two violins; Quinteto Amizade (2005) for string quartet and clarinet; Images (2007) for many chamber groups. Founder of the young Quadrivium Lignea (2007) and currently teaches violin at EMB.

Violin: presumed Justin Derazey, ca. 1880.

Felix Alonso


Félix Alonso


Born at Matanzas, Cuba, he has bacharel degree in clarinet by University of Brasília, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ricardo Freire. He started his clarinet studies with prof. Roberto Medina Ríos, receiving the title of "player, instrument and chamber music teacher" at National Music School of Havana (1994). Aged only 13, he played the Weber's Concertino with the Matanzas Symphonic Orchestra where he assumed the first clarinet post later. In 1989 and 1991, he won two prizes at the Clarinet Competition Amadeo Roldán (Cuba). He was soloist under the batton of maestros Enrique Pérez Mesa, Juan Luis Gonzáles Delgado, Alberto Garcia, César Prado and Elena Herrera. He played in two turnés in Spain (1994 and 1995), recording two discs. In Brazil, he recorded the CDs Quinteto Amizade (2005), for clarinet and string quartet; Brincadeira a Cinco (2006) for wind quintet; Images (2007) and Vibrações Variantes (2010) for chamber music. Sponsored by Funarte and Petrobrás in 2006, he played in many Brazilian cities, playing and giving masterclasses. Currently, he teaches clarinet, band and music in CEUB School, and he is clarinet teacher at Music School of Brasília.

Clarinet: Buffet Crampon.

Iracema Simon

Photos by Rafaela Zakarewicz in 2009.


Iracema Simon


Iracema Simon studies music since 7, starting at the Brasília Music School (EMB). Her studies on the bassoon began in 2004 with prof. Flávio Lopes, taking part of the 7th Week of Winds CEP/EMB (EMB Professional Teaching Centre). Undergraduated by the University of Brasília (UnB, 2008) where she worked at the "Music for children" program (2005-2007) supervised by Prof. Dr. Ricardo Dourado Freire, and coordinated its recorder section (2006-2007). In 2006, she officialy started the Duo SPES activities, with weekly performances at Mother of Divine Mercy Parish (Asa Norte, Brasília), appearing around 40 times during a year. She played at the II Early Music Week in Araripe (CE, April 2008) and at the Lutheria Brasil Week at Juazeiro do Norte (CE, November 2008). Played in European turné in 2008 and 2009, recording Paulinyi's pieces for CD Images (2008) also broadcasted by TV Senado in 2008 and 2009.

Bassoon: made by Hary Schweizer in 2002, number 34.