SPES 2009


Violin + Viola pomposa


SPES Exchange Program


International call for chamber music projects in 2014/2015.

SPES ensemble is the artistic director for a concert series in Brasília, Brasil, since 2008.

European and Asian chamber groups (without piano) are invited to send acoustical concert proposals. Composers may submit invitations under similar conditions. The proposals must inform:

  1. total cachet for the ensemble, similar to a reciprocal proposal for a SPES ensemble;
  2. number of players and the country they will depart; suggested 50 minutes program and short curriculum vitae of the ensemble;
  3. proposal of performing dates in Brasília (local season includes August and September).

Because this is an exchange program, SPES expects a reciprocal proposal on the same budget conditions for Brazilian chamber groups to travel and play in Europe. Information requests and submission of proposals for the following year can be e-mailed to:

Zoltan Paulinyi
SPES Exchange Program

SPES has also worked with some Embassies in Brasília, which support and sponsor small chamber groups.


Other projects

Duo SPES accepts a wide range of projects from international institutions interested in reciprocal exchange music projects. Such projects may include:

1) any kind of support for composers, like awards, sponsorship, commission, etc;

2) concert proposals;

3) festivals and exchange of concerts;

4) masterclasses;

5) other collaborative projects.