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Discs: Rabeca Moderna, e Quinteto Amizade,

Competition 2006 results

Winner: “Vibrações Variantes” of Nikolai Almeida Brucher

Honor mention for 3 pieces:

  • “Plissé” of Hélio Bacelar Viana
  • “Mais em Brasa” of Cláudia Castelo Branco
  • “Irurá” of Vicente José Malheiros da Fonseca


International Call for Composers 2007
– Duo SPES: violin (5 strings) & (double)basson –

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Instituições interessadas em se associar a este projeto, favor comunicar-se conosco! Existem várias formas de apoio e patrocínio.

Duo SPES calls international composers for sending their works before June 4th 2007. Early submitted works may be selected before.

Purpose: build a repertoire for this rare instrumental combination, specialy for the 5-stringed violin (viola) and the basson.


Selected works by Duo SPES are immediately listed on-line and included in recording and performance projects for 2008. Selection is done as soon as the scores are received.


One 5-stringed viola tuned as: C, G, D', A', E'', but scordatura can be used.
One basson (or double-basson).


1) Clarity, correctness and precise writing. Parts must be ready for playing;
2) Feasibility of execution. Pointless virtuosity (without rethorical meaning) will not be considered;
3) Originality of musical proposal;
4) Style coherence to the message;
5) Counterpoint and harmonical skills;
6) Creativity in the use of the space;
7) Good-mood.


Work of any length (score and printed parts) can be submited by registered post to:

Zoltan Paulini, Caixa Postal 9540, Brasília, DF, CEP 70.040-976, BRASIL

Please, attach curriculum vitae, postal and e-mail address, telephone number and relevant information about the work. Selected composers will be contacted in order to give authorization for performance, recording and even e-publishing.

More information and next composition award will be announced on-line:



(submission order)

Felippe Maravalhas: 2 Duos.
Claude Ledoux: Loli's Dream (score in PDF)

Paulinyi: Toada (score in PDF)
Paulo Rios Filho: O Burundi não é aqui (scores and parts)
Luca Vanneschi: Itinerante.

Coord.: Zoltan Paulinyi,
Duo SPES: .

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