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Competition result announced in December 2006

Winner: “Vibrações Variantes” of Nikolai Almeida Brucher

Honor mention for 3 pieces:

  • “Plissé” of Hélio Bacelar Viana
  • “Mais em Brasa” of Cláudia Castelo Branco
  • “Irurá” of Vicente José Malheiros da Fonseca

All scores will be donated to the universities of Brasilia and Oradea (Romenia), where there is more opportunity for international promotion.

Congratulations for all participants! The Quintet AMIZADE always welcomes new suggestions and proposals for next seasons.


International Composition Competition by "Quinteto AMIZADE" 2006

— “Claudio Santoro” Award —

Sponsorship and support: Associação Cultural Cláudio Santoro, Mosteiro de São Bento de Brasília (MSB), Universidade de Brasilia (Depto. Música - UnB), Universidade da Oradea (Romênia)

Other institutions interested in participating in this project, please contact us! There are 3 ways of helping us in this competition: direct marketing, printing and distributing a portion of the winner’s CDs, and offering money for the award.

PURPOSE: stimulate the musical production of Brazilian and international ensemble formations, and globally advertise talented composers with the recording of their winning pieces.

Composers of all nationalities are welcome to participate with an unlimited amount of compositions. Each piece must not exceed 15 minutes. Works commercially recorded or with release scheduled before the year 2010 cannot be submitted.

Deadline: June 21, 2006. There is an incentive for early submissions (before December 2005, and March 2006).


a) strings quartet and one percussionist (see the listing below)
b) violin duo and one clarinetist (clarinet in Bb, bass clarinet in Bb and soprano clarinet in Eb)

Percussion available

• keyboard percussion: 1 marimba (5 octaves); 1 vibraphone, 1 glockenspiel, 1 xylophone;
• skins: caixa-clara (snare-drum), tom-toms, bongôs, cuíca, pandeiro sinfônico (tambourine), pandeiro brasileiro (brazilian tambourine);
• accessories: pratos (cymbals), 1 triângulo (triangle), 5 temple blocks, maracas, 3 gongos de ópera chineses (opera gongs), 1 tam-tam pequeno (small tam-tam), 1 tam-tam grande (big tam-tam).


Up to 4 (four) winning pieces may be chosen, which will be recorded by the Quinteto AMIZADE. Those that are already digitally submitted (PDF) may be automatically published along with the CD.

Money awards will be announced by the sponsors during the advertisement of these guidelines. Updates will be displayed at this competition’s website.

The jury is free to grant any special awards or not to select any work at all. It is also possible to award more than one piece of the same composer.

The jury’s decisions are final about any aspect of this competition. The jury is formed by the members of Quinteto AMIZADE: Felix Alonso (clarinet), Carlos Bartnicki Tort (percussion), Zoltan Paulinyi and Karla Oliveto (violins), Thurzó Sándor Jószef (viola), Norma Lilian (cello).


Elimination criteria:

1) Sign-up according to this regulation;
2) Clarity, correctness and precise writing. Parts must be ready for playing;
3) Feasability of execution. The group will have only a month for rehearsal, present and record all the repertoire.

Classification criteria:

1) originality of musical proposal musical;
2) style coherence to the message;
3) counterpoint and harmonic domain;
4) creativity in the use of the space (but without recording compromise);
5) creativity in the instrumental combination;
6) presence of innovative elements;

Results will be announced by November 2006 at this homepage. Winners will be contacted by e-mail.

The awarding recital will be in the Chapel of Sao Bento Monastery in Brasília, in the first week of February 2007, among other concerts which will be announced (please refer to the competition homepage).


The sign-up fee is non refundable, non transferable. The fee must be paid for each work submitted. A copy of the payment receipt must be attached with the score. Early submissions are welcomed, given lower fees:

a) posted until December 30, 2005: €30 euros.
b) posted until March 15, 2006: €35 euros.
c) posted until deadline: €40 euros.

Internacional payments: click here to pay by

Composers who wish to solicit the waiving of this inscription fee, please send an e-mail to Quinteto AMIZADE only with the CV and a good reason for the request.

Each submission must include 3 copies of the full score and complete set of parts. Attach as well, by CD-R or e-mail:

a) file with a photo of the composer
b) text file with program notes, comments of the work and short CV
c) any other information which may help evaluating the work, including audio, recordings of rehearsal or recital, etc.
d) optionally, PDF file of the score and parts (please be sure to embed all fonts).

No material will be returned. Scores will be donated to the libraries of the Universities associated with this competition.


The candidate accepts the rules of the “International Composition Competition by Quinteto AMIZADE 2006”, officially written in Portuguese. Any failure in the fulfilment of this regulation disqualifies the candidate, at any time. The candidate owns all the copyrights of this work and authorizes Zoltan Paulini, Karla Aléssio Oliveto, Felix Alonso Morales, Carlos Bartnicki Tort, Thurzó Sándor Jószef, Norma Lilian, members of Quinteto AMIZADE, for recording and distributing its phonogram if winner. The candidate also allows free playing of this piece until the year 2010 by the Quinteto Amizade. O candidato aceita integralmente o regulamento do Prêmio Internacional de Composição do "Quinteto AMIZADE" 2006, cuja redação oficial está em língua portuguesa. Qualquer falha no cumprimento deste regulamento implica na eliminação do candidato neste concurso, a qualquer tempo. O candidato declara que possui todos os direitos autorais relativos a esta obra e autoriza Zoltan Paulini, Karla Aléssio Oliveto, Felix Alonso Morales, Carlos Bartnicki Tort, Thurzó Sándor Jószef, Norma Lilian, membros do Quinteto AMIZADE, a gravá-la e distribuí-la se for vencedora. Também permite a livre execução pública de sua obra pelo Quinteto Amizade até o ano de 2010.

Título da obra (title):
Nome completo do autor (author's full name):
Data e local de nascimento (date and place of birth):
Nacionalidade (nationality):
Identidade (passport, identity number):
CPF (only for brasilians):
Endereço residencial (residence address):
Endereço para correspondência (correspondence address):
Telefone (phone number):
Celular (mobile number):
Local e data (place and date):
Assinatura (signature):

Anexar (send enclosed):
1) cópia da identidade/passaporte; Photocopy of passport.
2) cópia do comprovante de pagamento desta inscrição (imprimir recibo do Paypal, se for o caso). Photocopy of payment receipt for this work.

Please, send the package by registered (international trackable) mail
Enviar tudo por SEDEX (ou carta registrada) para
Quinteto Amizade
aos cuidados de ZOLTAN PAULINYI
Caixa Postal 9540
Brasília - DF
CEP 70.040-976

Download full document: english, portuguese (oficial regulation).

Coord.: Zoltan Paulinyi,
espanhol: Felix Alonso,

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